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Boldly Helping Organizations Navigate the Road to Agility



  • Agile Training—ICAgile Authorized Trainer

  • Agile Adoption and Transformation

  • Agile Coaching

  • Project Management

  • Process Improvement


Need the Boldly Agile Capability Statement? Look no further. Download it here. 


We practice what we teach. Dr. Hulshult is an active researcher on the Agile mindset and how Agile influences teams and outcomes. Check out her published academic research. Want to collaborate on research or a conference presentation? Send us a message. 


Here at Boldly Agile we are passionate about anything and everything Agile--training, coaching, consulting,  transformations, process improvement, project management, and Scrum. We are passionate about Agile because we have seen how it can transform cultures, teams, and projects.  Teams can deliver value-added products that customers want sooner while reducing risk.  Agile teams can be innovative when given the right tools. 

We are proud to be a certified International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) member organization and we offer certified ICAgile training, virtually and in-person.  Reach out to us and let our team help you bring Agility into your organization and help transform the way your people work and collaborate.

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