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Our Journey of Epilepsy

Dr. Hulshult is passionate about epilepsy awareness because she has been personally impacted with epilepsy.  She is an epilepsy advocate in her community, a certified Parent Surrogate, and helps people navigate epilepsy resources. If you need help, please message Dr. Hulshult.

A portion of Boldly Agile's revenue supports educational scholarships, grants for epilepsy service dogs, and epilepsy awareness in schools.
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Seizure Alert Dogs

My daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Absence Epilepsy at age 10. She was blessed with a seizure alert dog, Bowers, at age 13. This dog has changed our lives. The smell of your skin changes 30-45 minutes before you have a seizure. A dog can be trained to smell the change in scent, and provide an alert to the owner so they can call for help and get to a safe place. 

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Seizure Training

Click the picture to visit the seizure training available from the Epilepsy Foundation. 

Back to School

Seizure Training for School Staff

Click the image for free seizure training for school personnel. I have sent this training to my daughter's school. 

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