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Abbott, K., Hulshult, A., Eshraghi, K., Heppner, A., Crumbie, V.,  Heid, A.R., Madrigal, C., Spector, A., Van Haitsma, K., (2022).
Applying Agile methodology to reengineer the delivery of person-centered care in a nursing home: A case study. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 1-6.


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The Need for Agility in a VUCA Pandemic World

Hulshult, A. and Krehbiel, T.C. (2021). The need for Agility in a VUCA pandemic world.  American Journal of Business, 36 (2), 105-108.

Hulshult, A. (2021). Student group satisfaction perceptions using Agile in a project-based course. Information Systems Education Journal, 19(5), 4-9.

Poe, L., Brooks, N., Korzaan, M., Hulshult, A., & Woods, D. (2021). Promoting positive student
outcomes: The use of reflection and planning activities with a growth-mindset focus and
SMART goals.   Information Systems Education Journal, 18(1), 14-21.

Hulshult, A., & Woods, D. (2020).  Applying Agile across the IT curriculum.  Information Systems  
Education Journal
, 18(1), 14-21.
*Awarded the Meritorious Paper Award from the EDSIGCON Conference, 2019.

The Agile Student Practice Project: Simulating an Agile Project in the Classroom for a Real-World Experience

Woods, D., Hulshult, A., (2024). The Agile Student Practice Project: Simulating an Agile Project in the Classroom for a Real-World Experience. Information Systems Education Journal 22(2) pp 70-81.

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