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Ohio Tech Cred Vendor

Boldly Agile is an Ohio Tech Cred Vendor. Our accredited ICAgile Agile Fundamentals course is applicable for reimbursement through the Ohio Tech Cred program. Tech Cred is an initiative in Ohio to upskill the workforce with technology skills, Agile being one of them. During certain times of the calendar year, Tech Cred accepts applications from State of Ohio organizations that have W-2 employees. You can apply for up to a 30K grant for Agile training. Boldly Agile performs the training (in person or virtual) and you are reimbursed. To learn more go to the Tech Cred website:

ICAgile Certified Agile Professional Training

We are honored to be an ICAgile member organization. We provide virtual and in-person ICAgile Agile Fundamentals training where participants earn their ICAgile Certified Professional certification. Help your organization journey to agility by providing certified training. 

Project Management

We provide project  management services. We can serve as project managers, coach project managers, or help get teams on track. 

Agile Transformation

We help organizations adopt and transform an Agile mindset and an Agile way of working. We partner with you to journey toward agility. We recommend an Agile mindset to guide people's thinking and interactions, and an Agile framework to guide people's work like Scrum or Kanban.

Process Improvement 

Executive Coaching analyses to determine where improvements can be made to streamline  repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency, which both reduce overall costs and increase productivity.

Agile Coaching

We provide Agile coaching for individuals, teams, programs, and organizations. We are passionate about having artful conversations to help people see new perspectives and possibilities and then taking steps to reach the next step. We value adding meaning to people's work lives. 

Executive Coaching

We provide coaching services to executives for Agile adoption and transformation, leadership, communication, and personal development. 


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